Professional, helpful and willing to help me with every minor request I made. My resume was an unorganized mess and my LinkedIn page was pretty much devoid of any helpful info. The Niche Nest made me realize how both of those need to be organized and coordinated so that I can have the best chance at success. They also helped me with the interview process and gave tips and suggestions on how to present the best version of myself. 

Soon after, companies started to reach out to me. With all the preparation I had, I had a new confidence going into every interview.  I'm starting a new job soon that I would have never been able to land had it not been for the Niche Nest. 

I can't thank them enough for the work they did. If you're like me and need some help getting your career back on track, definitely contact them. You'll thank me (and them) later!

- Tony M., Jane Smith Agency

Holly Moss is an exquisite creator. She takes the time to speak with you about what you did at past jobs to really crack the nut of how best to promote you and your skills on a resume. She was amazing at rewording my current resume to really pinpoint skills, actions, and tasks that I was great at. Her organization and design eye helped to make my resume easier to read without overwhelming the reader. I highly recommend Holly and her incredible attention to detail and thoughtful process of helping you put your best foot forward in the work force.

- Catherine R., Comedy Coordinator at Netflix

Holly Moss is a total professional with a refreshing sense of reality that is grounded in experience. Her well rounded background gives her the ability see your strengths, nurture your many questions and work with you to not only create a resume that will make people pick up the phone to call you, but will make you feel confident, clear and ready to pursue exactly what you wish. She makes the process feel lighter, less scary and fills it will insight, excitement and RESULTS. After feeling a bit lost about the next phase of my career and life, Holly worked with me step by step to rephrase the story I was telling. She helped me to translate that on paper and also in the room. She helped me to land an incredible opportunity. And I owe so much of that to her. She is well connected with great relationships and knows the market front and back. She is 100% the person you want in your corner.

- Karly M., Executive Assistant at Smashbox